Replace Bathtub Faucets: Avoid The Traps Get Expert Advice

Imagine a homeowner soaked completely in a bathroom remodel project. What do you think feature high on his list of priorities? Apart from addressing routine problems like clearing clogged drainage, he is sure to focus on infusing both style and substance into this stolid part of his home.

So he makes an earnest effort to remove all traces of quotidian drabness from the floor of the space, replacing it with a more eye-catching pattern and sending the glam quotient soaring in the bargain.

Installing a stunning new shower faucet bearing the signature stamp of hallowed manufacturers like Moen, Delta or Pegasus manages to burnish the aura of the brass handles of the spout faucet fixed on the sink. Plumbing contractors are summoned urgently with a boatload of supplies to lift the specters of other leaking fixtures like water heaters valves.

“Mission accomplished”, exults the owner, little realizing that he has sequestered one very important aspect to the corner. Can one discount the colossal impact of that good old Roman bathtub faucet?

It is sad, but most homeowners turn a blind eye to not only routine bathtub pipes and tub faucet repair, but also become utterly tone deaf when the contentious issue of trying to replace bathtub faucets is broached.

Despite being used several times a day, I am completely bemused at the nonchalance that how to replace bathtub faucets elicits.

It’s More Than Faucet Repair

Bathtub faucet repair forms just one miniscule part of the intricate world of tub faucets. There are several styles and designs with which these fixtures manage to impress the connoisseur in you.

If all things ancient fascinate you, then tub faucets with separate handles for hot and cold water are sure to take you on a trip down memory lane. There are however, several hi-end faucets that touch new levels of functional exuberance and finesse that are certain to make you completely delirious with joy. These new-age single-handle faucets are fitted with cartridges, in place of those primitive washers, that drench you with a decadent mix of both hot and cold water.

In addition, there are also Roman tub faucets and the more regular ones that tend to jut out of the wall above the bathtub. You may have some trouble trying to decide between the two, but there are no binary perceptions about the fact that you must invest in a fixture that boasts of exceptional quality. It may drain of your finances, but the investment will definitely be worth it.

What’s The One In Your Bathroom?

Before you actually get down to the business of replacing that bathtub faucet, it’s important to familiarize oneself with the structure and composition of each. You can have either a two-handle compression faucet or a single-handle washerless faucet. Either way, you will have to address the issue of a worn-out cartridge in order to bring about some semblance of order in your bathroom and life.

Who Needs A Plumbing Professional?

It may sound completely absurd, but the fact remains that a leaking, worn-out faucet can be replaced for less than $100. That startling figure includes the cost of special tools and replacement parts available at Home Improvement Centers. The best part is that this job does not call for any kind of previous experience.

There are also several kinds of problems that plague bathtub faucets. While some homeowners may have to deal with certain degree of corrosion on the spout that ruins its finish, many have to contend with a damaged diverter or even cracks between the piping and faucet spout that results in constant leaks inside the wall.

A cursory glance under the spout will tell you what kind of bathtub faucet it is – if you find a screw, then it is a slip-on spout, or else it is a screw-on type.

Get Your Tools Ready

Here’s what you will require in your fight against the recalcitrant faucet:

  • A Philips or flathead screwdriver, depending on the faucet
  • Pipe thread seal tape or pipe joint compound.
  • Caulk gun and caulk.
  • A slip-on type of spout will also require a hex wrench


It Time To Launch A Full-On Attack

Here is what you need to follow in order to put an end to this niggling problem:

  • Before you begin tinkering with the faucet, make sure you cut-off the water supply to the bathroom.
  • Turning the pipe counterclockwise, remove this part completely. A slip-on spout will require the assistance of a screwdriver to take off the screw that keeps the faucet in place. Once the screw is off, separate the spout from the copper pipe cautiously.
  • Loosen the screw on the new spout, then slide it on and tighten the screw, in case you have a slip-on spout. A screw-on spout will require you to determine the kind of pipe that is installed. While a copper pipe calls for the installation of a new spout by cutting-off the thread, in case of a steel one, you will have to discard the old pipe for a brand new one.
  • Screw the new faucet on by turning it clockwise.
  • Apply caulk between the new bathtub faucet and the shower wall. Allow the caulk to dry for 24 hours before you enjoy your brand-new faucet.

Now, it’s time to let unbridled joy to take over.

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